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Can you afford to ignore a key part of reliable, profitable aircraft operation?

Skywatch® is Bureau Veritas’s internationally recognized aviation oil analysis program. It is a proven technology that routinely keeps oil-wetted mechanical systems safe and airworthy while actually reducing maintenance costs.

Our priority is your need for aviation safety, dependability, and economy—and our emphasis is on service.


Skyrocketing fuel costs and fierce fare competition mean that any potential source of financial savings cannot be ignored. Skywatch® dramatically increases chances for detecting abnormal conditions before they affect the bottom line.


Skywatch® data analysts use trend analysis and Bureau Veritas’ evaluation guidelines to monitor rate and level changes in oil contamination and component wear. We also create a permanent condition monitoring record to assist with warranty or insurance claims and bolster resale value assessments.

(note: Skywatch® is offered only from our Atlanta and Los Angeles locations)

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