Chemical & Petrochemical Manufacturing

Industrial and Petrochemical Oil Analysis protects the critical, specialized equipment used in chemical manufacturing processes and ensures that demanding production schedules are met and profits are secured.

Equipment Types & Test Packages


Gearboxes (filtered & unfiltered)

Oil analysis can be an extremely viable means for preventing gearbox failure, reducing downtime and controlling maintenance costs in both industrial and heavy duty applications.


Routine testing and analysis can predict and prevent premature failure allowing equipment managers to schedule downtime, extend pump life and reliability and maintain or improve production levels.



Hydraulic fluid cleanliness is critical to optimal hydraulic system performance and should be monitored regularly with oil analysis to maintain system health and reliability at a minimal cost.


Rotary Screw, Reciprocating & Centrifugal Compressors

Monitoring compressor oil contamination and component wear should include testing viscosity, total acid number, particle count, water separability and analytical ferrography to effectively predict component failure.

Oil Analysis for the Petrochemical IndustryUsing Bureau Veritas’s industrial oil analysis and fluid testing services ensures plant maintenance personnel have the right information to properly assess the condition of both oil and machine – and time and money are not lost to equipment failure and unscheduled downtime.

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