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Save equipment.
Save money.
It’s really pretty simple.

Save hundreds of thousands in equipment repair and replacement costs – not to mention lost production – with an effective oil condition monitoring program from Bureau Veritas. Identify failures in progress. See key changes in component and fluid condition before they threaten machine health and reliability.

Take your ROI in an oil analysis program straight to the bottom line. Share your maintenance goals with us by completing this short questionnaire. Tell us what you’re doing now to prevent equipment failure and what you would like to accomplish with an effective oil analysis program. And we’ll show you world-class condition monitoring solutions for improving machine health and reliability.


Proper Testing for Maximum Value and Equipment Condition Information

Oil analysis has long been accepted as a valid predictive maintenance technique. The facts show that when using a qualified laboratory, defining the proper testing and obtaining a full commitment from the user, oil analysis requires the lowest cost of implementation and provides the highest rate of return on investment than any of the predictive maintenance disciplines.

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Where to Start

No preventive maintenance initiative will reach its goal without integrating processes for continued improvement and a conscious effort by both user and laboratory to work together in all aspects of the program to achieve optimal machine health and reliability.

7 Steps to Establishing an Effective Oil Analysis Program