5 Reasons We Are the Oil Analysis Lab for You

Positioned within parent company Bureau Veritas’ Commodities Division, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in oil, fuel and coolant testing and analysis. We are oil condition monitoring experts for manufacturing equipment, production machinery, power generation, mining, trucking, transit, aircraft and marine applications.

Bureau Veritas boasts testing facilities that are top-of-the-line and available around the globe. We make it our responsibility to deliver accurate and reliable results that help keep your machines operating at optimum levels. Not to mention our solution-oriented data analysis and reporting that help you take the appropriate maintenance and repair measures. In order to maximize uptime and boost productivity, you need regular fluid testing and analysis.

Unbeatable Personal Interest

Our staff and laboratory professionals value genuine customer service above all else. Whether you are ordering test kits, managing data or interpreting results, you’ll receive a level of support that you won’t find elsewhere in the industry. Our goal is to help increase your company’s bottom line, and we realize that true customer service is a necessary part of that journey to the finish.

High-Quality Testing

You can trust Bureau Veritas to provide high-quality results within 24-48 hours for most of our routine tests. Not only do we meet the requirements of ISO 17025, which is the international quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories, we employ a Quality Team to ensure that strict quality control procedures are followed through every phase of laboratory analyses, data interpretation and final report preparation. Our team also monitors laboratory operations and personnel training to ensure continuity in reliable, quality test results. Rely on our smart, analytical systems that make the distinction between normal samples and those that require more in-depth communication.

Easy-to-Interpret Reporting

When searching for a fluid analysis provider, you don’t want a laboratory that just hands over the data. You want a company who can provide detailed interpretations of that data. We build analysis reports that are easy to read, provide detailed conclusions about what the data means and offer actionable maintenance recommendations for resolving any issues. Receiving quality results and actionable insights quickly allows you to act immediately in critical situations.

Our knowledgeable data analysts are always available to help you interpret your test data and answer any questions pertaining to your results. You can also visit analystsinc.wpengine.com for a complete library of training and education resources.

Comprehensive Data Management

Using real-time oil analysis data, our exclusive Lube Oil Analysis Management System (LOAMSSM) ensures equipment reliability and productivity. This proprietary system is available to your company from anywhere in the world and houses all of your analysis information in one, centralized database. You can use this system to monitor machine condition changes and catch small problems before they become hugely detrimental. LOAMS streamlines the maintenance process and makes communication among plant or fleet personnel seamless.

Endless Online Resources

Bureau Veritas is committed to helping customers establish successful fluid testing programs that save them time, money and equipment. That’s why we’ve built a resource library of videos, technical data sheets, brochures, case studies, newsletters and editorial content to help equipment managers understand and implement world-class fluid testing programs.