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5 Reasons We Are the Oil Analysis Lab for You

Positioned within parent company Bureau Veritas’ Commodities Division, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in oil, fuel and coolant testing and analysis. We are oil condition monitoring experts for manufacturing equipment, production machinery, power generation, mining, trucking, transit, aircraft and marine applications. Bureau Veritas boasts testing facilities that are top-of-the-line and available around the globe. […]

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Coolant Analysis Supports Fleet Maintenance Goals

Coolant analysis can have a significant impact on a heavy duty fleet manager’s operations. Routine testing increases machinery reliability and extends equipment life, enabling maintenance managers to improve productivity levels, reduce repair and replacement costs and make a positive contribution to the company’s bottom line. The implementation of an efficient and effective coolant analysis program […]

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Engine Oil’s Four Worst Enemies – Infographic

A List of the Top Offenders Engine oil represents a large part of your fleet’s operating and maintenance costs and contamination can drive up that cost unnecessarily by increasing your maintenance burden and reducing your fleet’s efficiency. Oil analysis can help you identify many types of contaminants that are putting additional wear and tear on […]

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Do Oil and Coolant Analysis Have to Be Done Together?

With a large fleet, it is important to regularly assess equipment conditions and plan maintenance schedules to prevent breakdowns and maximize up-time. Just as oils and coolants work together to keep fleets running smoothly, oil and coolant analysis work together to prevent premature wear and engine failure. If these fluids aren’t doing their jobs, fleets […]

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