Bureau Veritas Releases New Oil Analysis Test Report

Bureau Veritas Releases New Oil Analysis Test Report

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Bureau Veritas Releases New Oil Analysis Test Report

HOUSTON, TX (November 27, 2017) – Bureau Veritas announced today the release of its new oil analysis test report. The report’s new format is the company’s next step in its continuing efforts to provide the best oil analysis customer experience possible by bringing clarity to complex test results so that customers can take immediate and decisive maintenance actions that save money and prevent equipment failure.

According to Sam Fisher, Global Director of Oil Condition Monitoring for Bureau Veritas, the new report is much more than a change in format. It takes the company’s high quality testing and analysis services to another level.

“The new report is now dynamically generated which gives us greater flexibility in meeting customer demands,” Fisher said. “This is particularly important in addressing the diverse needs of a growing customer base as we continue to expand our global laboratory network. Customers can now configure their reports to include customizable trend graphs and testing photos, as well as change everything from language to paper size and date format.”

The report also includes much more of the fluid and equipment information users can submit with samples, which allows data analysts to provide a more in-depth analysis of the results and actionable, equipment-specific maintenance recommendations. The data analyst’s name and contact information is provided as well so that customers with questions about their data can speak directly to the person who reviewed their test results.

For more information on the new Bureau Veritas oil analysis report, go to www.bureauveritas.com/oil-analysis.