Fluid Analysis for Facilities & Building Maintenance

Protect your facility and building systems and assets with comprehensive fluid analysis programs that improve equipment reliability and increase operational efficiency.

Whether you are responsible for maintaining your own systems or you are providing contracted services, Bureau Veritas test packages monitor facility and building systems to ensure uninterrupted operations, scheduled downtime for maintenance and repairs and controlled operational costs.

Back-Up Power

When systems are critical to operations, test with Bureau Veritas. Our experts know that combining regular inspection observations with the proper fluid testing and analysis will identify problems and allow you to schedule the downtime for correcting them before it’s too late.

Back-up power generation is necessary in any facility or building equipped with electricity or climate control systems. In hospitals, medical and critical care facilities and centralized data centers, back-up power failures are not an option. A testing program with Bureau Veritas will ensure all building systems and assets have reliable back-up power whenever it’s needed.

  • Generator Engines – diesel fuel
  • Engine Cooling Systems – conventional and extended life coolants
  • Fuel Deliveries & Storage – confirms product integrity upon delivery, controls contamination
    during storage

Test Packages for Back-up Power

Standard Diesel Engine Test Package
Standard Conventional & Extended Life Coolant Test Packages
Diesel Engine Fuel Testing – Long-Term Storage