Heavy Duty Oil Analysis

Heavy Equipment Oil Analysis and Fluid Testing helps pinpoint small maintenance issues before they become catastrophic equipment failures.

Oil Analysis and Fluid Testing for all types of heavy duty equipment in both on and off-highway applications is vital for this important equipment, which is expected to meet high production quotas under some of the worst operating conditions.

Meeting customer demand is dependent on reliable, well-maintained equipment. That’s why Bureau Veritas’ heavy duty oil analysis, and fluid testing programs encompass all fluid conditions for a wide variety of applications.

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Construction & Mining Industries

Bureau Veritas Inc. Markets Served | Construction


Equipment in this industry is frequently exposed to severe environmental and working conditions. An effective oil analysis program will help to identify component failures before they occur.

Mining and Aggregate Industries

Mining / Aggregates

Oil analysis has become a mandatory maintenance practice at the world’s best surface and underground mines. Oil sampling program will keep a mine’s critical equipment in operation by reducing costly unscheduled downtime.

Bureau Veritas Inc. Markets Served | Forestry

Forestry / Agriculture

Benefit from an early warning of potential problems that can result in machine downtime and major component failures during season.

Transportation Systems

Bureau Veritas Inc. Markets Served | Trucking

Freight & Trucking Industry

Hauling freight is rough on engine components and smart fleet managers know that oil analysis programs mean improved ROI.

Bureau Veritas Inc. Markets Served | Rail

City Transit – Commercial & Commuter Rail

Machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become an important, if not mandatory, maintenance practice railroad industry. An effective oil analysis program will keep important assets in operation by reducing unexpected failures and costly unscheduled down time.