Industrial Oil Analysis

Since our founding 50 years ago, our Oil and Fluid Analysis services have helped every level of industry grow accustomed to the substantial returns that come from such a small investment.

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Power Generation / Utilities

Every home and business depends on the uninterrupted performance of turbines to supply the energy that powers our daily life. Oil sampling will ensure your generating equipment is available when demand is up.

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Facilities & Building Maintenance

Whether you are responsible for maintaining your own systems or you are providing contracted services, Bureau Veritas test packages monitor facility and building systems to ensure uninterrupted operations, scheduled downtime for maintenance and repairs and controlled operational costs.

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HVAC Fluid Analysis

When heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are critical and high-dollar, temperature-sensitive operations are at stake, test with Bureau Veritas – the experts at providing quality testing and actionable maintenance recommendations that keep your equipment up and running.

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Process Manufacturing

Machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become an important, if not mandatory, maintenance practice for many manufacturing companies producing all sorts of products. An effective oil analysis program will keep your equipment running through effective condition monitoring of oil wetted components.

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Today’s refineries operate 24/7. Enhanced equipment reliability, improved maintenance scheduling and planned maintenance are all part of a world class condition monitoring program through oil sampling.

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Waste Treatment

Utilities are putting greater emphasis on environmental conservation and a focus on delivering critical services while operating under reduced budgets. Oil analysis as part of a robust maintenance program is a very cost effective way of meeting these requirements.

Oil and Fluid Analysis is vital for industrial equipment utilized in a wide array of industries and that is expected to maintain a high level of production. Meeting this demand is dependent on reliable, well-maintained equipment.

Successfully monitoring fluid condition with laboratory oil and fluid analysis can ensure equipment uptime and minimize maintenance costs. Bureau Veritas’ industrial oil and fluid testing encompasses all fluid conditions for a variety of applications.

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