Regardless of purpose and usage, the primary reason for testing generator engine and cooling system fluids is to avoid unplanned downtime with wear and contamination being the biggest concerns.

Generators are utilized in multiple applications – ships, locomotives and numerous facilities and situations that require back-up power. Some run continuously – others, only rarely. An effective, well-implemented oil analysis program will optimize operational health and ensure equipment reliability.

Routine testing and analysis identifies:

  • Dust and dirt ingression that can cause internal component wear
  • Water or coolant contamination can lead to overheating and oil gelling
  • Fuel dilution can reduce viscosity and lubricity jeopardizing the protection of metal surfaces
  • Excessive soot which thickens the oil and prevents dispersants from adequately suspending damaging soot particles
  • Depletion of the oil’s base number which reduces its ability to fight the formation of acids that can corrode metal surfaces

Recommended Test Packages