Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about our company and our industry. Click any question to expand the content and read more.

General Questions:

What’s the best way to make sure I get a fast turnaround?
How do I check on a sample that I sent in, but have not yet received results on?
I’ve sent samples in before on a point, but my latest report doesn’t show them. Why?
My lab asks me to complete paperwork to send with my sample. I understand why they want to know where to send the report, but why do they need all the other information?
Why is my 15W40 engine oil dropping into the SAE 30 grade on my report even though the lab is not detecting any fuel dilution?
How did Bureau Veritas develop the new QSA predictive technology program?
What makes this testing different?
Why is it so difficult to detect varnish potential with traditional fluid analysis techniques?
Does QSA® replace the traditional used oil analysis programs?
What's the best way to make sure I get fast turnaround?
How was varnish detected prior to this technology?
What kind of impact does testing for varnish potential have on overall plant and machinery reliability?
What is the best success story you can share about detecting varnish potential?

LOAMSSM Questions:

What will happen to my PC-based LOAMS℠ program?
Will I need to download anything?
How many users can I have?
Is there a charge for LOAMS℠?
Will I have access to all my sample histories in the new system?
How do I get access to LOAMS℠?
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