Volume 1 | Issue 5

Vol. 1 | Issue 5    
April 2014 



Easy-to-Use Tools

Take the guesswork out of interpreting hand-written label information and give your laboratory accurate, complete equipment and sample data with our LOAMSSM application’s easy-to-use online sample submission tools.

Printing Labels 
Equipment Configuration  
From the Equipment tab, jar labels can be printed in two ways. Click the Explore tab to open the equipment hierarchy for the units and components you are sampling. Check the appropriate components and click on the New Samples button to begin the label process.
You can also click on the Find tab to search for units or components using specific parameters. Once you have checked the components you want to print labels for, click on the New Samples button to begin the label process.
On the Labels tab, fill out the required fields (highlighted). Add any additional information you would like the laboratory to know in the Comment box. Once all required fields are complete, select the Submit Samples button.
From the History/Status tab, select the Print Labels button. A pop-up window will display your labels.  Simply right click and select Print. Insert Avery 5263 labels – 2″x4″ with 10 labels per sheet.

NOTE: Pop-up blockers must be disabled for the labels window to appear.


Sample Status can also be viewed from the History/Status tab. Click on the Status Report to see all the information input for the label as well as when it is received by the laboratory and when processing is complete.

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Quick Tip: Home Page Widgets 
System Configuration
Home Page Widgets are graphical representations of your data at a glance. The My Control Panel widget contains a quick search feature for locating specific samples and the Alerts widget displays all unviewed abnormal and critical reports as well as all units due or overdue for sampling.
The Quick Links widget connects users to a variety of training and educational resources and can be customized by clicking the triangle icon. Sign up for LOAMSSM training sessions or view our training guides and instructional videos.

Recent Samples by Severity displays your most critical samples while Sample Frequency shows how often specified equipment is to be sampled. Critical Conditions list components needing immediate attention and Sample Turnaround illustrates the average transit time versus the average laboratory processing time.

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