Lab Dedication Ceremony in China


Dedication ceremony welcomes

oil analysis laboratory to Zhenjiang

In a grand opening ceremony last month, senior government officials welcomed oil analysis laboratory KCA (KYB China Bureau Veritas) to Zhenjiang (Jiangsu), China. Bureau Veritas, the leading provider of oil analysis products and services worldwide, has again partnered with KYB  Co., Ltd., to open KCA – its second testing facility in Asia. Japan Bureau Veritas began operations in 1975.  

Officials were provided mallets to free two bottles of Chinese wine embedded in an ice sculpture elaborately branded with the KCA logo.  

Bureau Veritas CEO Michael Forgeron said oil analysis is an extremely effective way to manage equipment reliability and productivity in any industry – construction, mining, coal-fired and nuclear power stations and manufacturing and chemical processing plants.
KCA President Y. Oinuma (right) explains the laboratory process to Li Xiao Ping (left) of the Zhenjiang Municipal Committee while touring the new facility during the General Secretary Reception for senior government officials.

“By testing a sample of used oil, we can identify machine problems early enough to provide maintenance recommendations that will correct those problems,” Forgeron said, “which drastically reduces repair or replacement costs and significantly maximizes the time the equipment is operational and producing profits.”   


Final testing instrumentation will be installed before the end of January. Laboratory staff have been hired and all necessary training will be completed within the next few weeks. Forgeron said the laboratory will be fully operational by February.

The Value of Spectrochemical Analysis
Spectrochemical Analysis, a routine test performed by KCA, identifies metallic elements present in a fluid sample. These dissolved solids or suspended microscopic particles can be an indication of wearing machine parts, contamination ingression and improper additive levels. Identify small problems before they become catastrophic failures. 

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“China is an exciting country that presents great opportunity. We look forward to embracing that opportunity through strong, mutually beneficial relationships with the companies that drive the country’s vibrant economy.”


–Michael Forgeron

   CEO, Bureau Veritas




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