Oil Analysis Laboratory Opens in China

Oil Analysis Laboratory Opens in China

Bureau Veritas continues its global expansion with the opening of its newest laboratory, KYB China Bureau Veritas (KCA), this December. Located in the city of Zhenjiang (Jiangsu), the laboratory is Bureau Veritas’ second joint venture partnership with KYB Co., Ltd.


The new testing facility will provide oil analysis services to both the industrial and heavy duty equipment markets. Using oil analysis, KCA customers will be able to identify trends in wear and contamination and monitor changes in the physical properties of lubricants to pinpoint small machinery problems before they become major catastrophic failures.

Testing Oil Boosts Equipment Reliability
Any piece of equipment with a lubrication system is a potential candidate for oil analysis. Trends in wear metals analysis can help users establish acceptable limits between normal and abnormal results. Sharp increases or major shifts in physical properties can signal the onset of problems. Laboratory data analysts can then make informed maintenance recommendations that can improve machinery reliability and extend equipment life.
Laboratory Construction Nears Completion
The KCA laboratory will occupy nearly 1,000 square meters. Customers will access test results and manage their oil analysis programs through LOAMS – Bureau Veritas’ cloud-based, multi-lingual Lube Oil Analysis Management System. 
Testing will identify trends in wear, contamination and physical properties that could indicate the onset of equipment problems. The laboratory will also work with customers to develop test packages that monitor the additive levels of lubricant deliveries to confirm product integrity.
According to Bureau Veritas CEO Michael Forgeron, the laboratory will support Chinese businesses new to the oil analysis industry as well as the company’s existing multi-national customers with operations in China.

Floor 1, No.12 Building

2.5 Industrial Park,  

New Town of Science and Technology

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, P.C. 212009

Phone: +0086 511-85580300

About Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas, is a full service oil analysis laboratory with seven testing facilities located throughout the United States, Mexico and Japan. We are recognized worldwide as a leading provider of lubricant testing and analysis, diagnostic evaluations and maintenance recommendations for equipment reliability. Our services are utilized by a broad spectrum of industries, including production machinery, manufacturing equipment, power generation, marine, heavy construction, mining, trucking, transit and aircraft.
December  2013

Benefits of an Effective Oil Analysis

  • Improve reliability, product quality and productivity
  • Control equipment, labor and material costs
  • Eliminate needless inspections or repairs
  • Control spare parts inventories and replacement costs
  • Decrease unscheduled downtime
  • Increase overall component lifespan
  • Control lubricant consumption
  • Assist product selection, comparison and verification
  • Identify and measure contamination and wear for targeted corrective action
  • Reduce in-service failures and field repairs
  • Establish proper lubricant service levels


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