The Sample Point Vol. 3 | Issue 3


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Fluid Analysis Only Saves You Money
If You Are Saving Equipment

Be sure you’re getting the most for your fluid analysis dollar by using the new management and diagnostic reports now available in LOAMSSM for a more comprehensive view of your data. Document your program’s strengths and eliminate its weaknesses to elevate overall program performance.

  • Are samples shipped to the laboratory as soon as they are taken? Monitor sample transit time to pinpoint issues that could be slowing turnaround time and costing you money in delayed maintenance action.
  • Are all registered components being sampled regularly? Enforce compliance with required sampling schedules to catch small problems in all of the components you are testing before they become catastrophic failures.
  • Are critical severities addressed immediately and lesser severities monitored for change? Trend analysis is key to achieving “normal” sample results across the board – which is the true measure of a successful oil analysis program.

Reports Are Tailored to Identify
Equipment-Specific Issues

Contamination, wear and fluid degradation are the most common causes for equipment failure and the top three reasons for monitoring both fluid and equipment condition. Now you can view equipment data specific to these issues in both heavy duty and industrial environments.

  • Dirt, fuel dilution and coolant leaks are among the biggest concerns for engine health in heavy duty applications. Track all three with the newest diagnostic reports now available in LOAMS.
  • High cleanliness standards and the effects of extreme operating temperatures in conjunction with the high cost of equipment replacement makes the monitoring of critical oxidation/nitration levels a necessary requirement.

The new management and diagnostic reports now available within the LOAMS application give users access to comprehensive data that can elevate a fluid analysis program to higher levels of performance. Log on today to document the dollars your oil analysis program is saving and to justify the maintenance budgets you need to successfully manage a world class oil analysis program.

View Samples by Severity Report View Transit Time Summary Report

Click here to view the Management and Diagnostic Reports Quick Start Guide in the LOAMS Resource Center or call 1.800.655.4473 to speak with a LOAMS Help Desk representative.