Bureau Veritas proudly marks its 50th anniversary with the introduction of SureSample, a brilliantly simple container that revolutionizes the oil analysis industry.

Tired of messy oil spills, sampling pumps, and contamination?

With SureSample containers, these hassles are over.

SureSample’s vacuum-seal design literally

transforms the sampling process.

This revolutionary container from Bureau Veritas

streamlines every aspect of collection; making it easier, faster,

and more accurate than ever.

SureSample — it’s more than a new container.

It’s a new technology.


  • Quick – Draws any practical viscosity in seconds
  • Easy – Hands-free sampling, no pumps or other devices required
  • Clean – Pre-charged vacuum ensures ultra clean sample collections
  • Sure – Eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination
  • Safe – No oil spills, keeps oil away from the user and the environment

Suresample Viscosity Chart