Control Fluid Assessment (CFA®)

The most comprehensive test package available for control fluids (fire-resistant fluids). Fire-resistant fluids can remain in service for many years with the proper maintenance. The CFA® package is based on testing recommended by ASTM D4293, major OEM’s and Bureau Veritas’ years of experience to optimize fluid life and avoid costly fluid replacement and down time. As with the TLA®, each CFA® includes customized, detailed interpretations and recommended actions.

Tests* Procedure
Spectrochemical ASTM D5185
Viscosity @ 40°C D445
Acid Number D974
Appearance Visual
Water Content, ppm D1744
Color D1500
Rust Test D665
ISO Particle Count ISO 4406-99
Copper Corrosion D130
Water Separability D1401
Foaming D892
QSA® Bureau Veritas Inc.
FT-IR (Custom) Bureau Veritas Inc.
Mineral Oil Content HPLC
Chlorine D4929
Resistivity D1169
Specific Gravity D1298
Flash Point D92
Fire Point D92
Air Release D3427
Gravimetric Solids D4898
Custom Report Bureau Veritas Inc.

* Requires 850ml sample