Turbine Lubricant Assessment (TLA®)

The Turbine Lubricant Assessment® is the centerpiece of Bureau Veritas’ VitalPoint® turbine oil analysis program. The TLA combines the entire condition monitoring test suite outlined in ASTM’s D4278 and incorporates new tests designed to measure oxidation stability, anti-oxidant remaining useful life and varnish potential. Test data is then summarized in a custom report that includes detailed maintenance recommendations, charts and graphs to allow for simple interpretation and corrective action.

Tests* Procedure
Spectrochemical ASTM D5185
Viscosity @ 40°C D445
Acid Number D974
Appearance Visual
Water Content, ppm D6304
Color D1500
Rust Test D665
ISO Particle Count ISO 4406-99
Copper Corrosion D130
Water Separability D1401
Foaming D892
QSA® Bureau Veritas Inc.
RULER D6971 / D6810
FT-IR (Custom) Bureau Veritas Inc.
Custom Report Bureau Veritas Inc.

* Requires 850ml sample