The new power tool in energy diagnostics.


Virtually every home and business depends on the uninterrupted performance of turbines to supply the energy that powers our daily life. Weighing over 100 tons, today’s turbines rotate in excess of 7,500 rpm and can generate Terawatts of uninterrupted power. But this performance comes at a cost—along with energy, these turbines also generate enormous levels of friction, heat, and sludge. VitalPoint® is the best line of defense against these destructive forces. This comprehensive program was developed to help today’s turbine lube-oil systems function at optimal levels—maximizing their ability to cool bearings, flush contaminants, actuate valves, and protect critical lube-systems from failure.

The VitalPoint® program includes the following package of services:


VitalPoint PDFTOM® (Turbine Oil Monitoring)

Modeled from test recommendations in the ASTM D4378, for monthly to quarterly lubricant sampling intervals.

TOQ® (Turbine Oil Quality)

Modeled from the test recommendations in ASTM D4378 for semi-annual to annual lubricant sampling intervals.

QSA® and QSA® Complete

A testing package designed to assess the varnish potential of turbine oil in addition to several other important oil quality parameters.

TLA® (Turbine Lubricant Assessment)

The most comprehensive test package available for turbine oils. TLASM covers the majority of the testing outlined in the TOQSM, as well as determining the varnish potential, additive levels and degradation mechanisms. Each report includes customized, detailed interpretations and recommended actions.

CFA® (Control Fluid Assessment)

The CFA® is the most comprehensive test package available for control fluids (phosphate ester lubricants). Phosphate ester fluids can remain in service for many years with the proper maintenance. The CFA® package is based on testing recommended by ASTM, major OEM’s and Bureau Veritas’ years of experience to optimize fluid life and avoid costly fluid replacement and down time. As with the TLA®, each CFA® includes customized, detailed interpretations and recommended actions.


VitalPoint® Diagnostics Include:

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  • Spectrochemical analysis
  • Viscosity analysis
  • Acid Number analysis
  • Lubricant Appearance analysis
  • Water Content (ppm) assessment

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  • Color Assessment
  • Rust Test
  • Copper Corrosion analysis
  • Water Separability analysis
  • Foaming analysis

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  • QSA® analysis
  • RULER analysis
  • FT-IR (Custom) analysis
  • Custom Reporting
  • Sample Package Volume services.

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VitalPoint® is yet the latest offering from Bureau Veritasorporated—a company with a peerless reputation for pioneering new services and technologies for a wide range of industries. According to Bureau Veritas President, Michael Forgeron, this new package of services is simply an extension of their original goal, “Although our technologies have changed over the years, our vision remains the same; to provide the most advanced tests and services so that equipment owners may understand the precise conditions inside any lubricated component. Armed with the best analytical data,” he adds, “production managers can more effectively assess their equipment to prevent breakdowns and maximize profitability.”


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