Wind Turbine Oil Analysis

Wind farm owners and operators, OEMs and service companies alike can significantly improve wind turbine reliability with a world-class Bureau Veritas oil analysis program.

At Bureau Veritas, we understand that when energy production demands are high, unplanned downtime and costly equipment overhauls or replacements simply cannot happen.

As a global provider of oil analysis services that improve machine reliability, Bureau Veritas designs wind turbine oil analysis programs that focus on accomplishing your maintenance goals. You have direct access to our expert data analysts who will explain their interpretation of your results, answer your questions and give you actionable maintenance recommendations that save money and extend equipment life.

Why Test Wind Turbine Oils & Greases?
Industrial lubricants and greases are designed to optimize equipment performance – often with additives specific to extreme pressures and temperatures, wear, oxidation and foaming. Bureau Veritas wind turbine oil analysis and grease analysis programs can determine if the proper lubricant or grease is being used and whether or not additive levels are providing adequate roller bearing protection.

Wind Turbine Test Packages
Both preventive and predictive wind turbine oil analysis will improve machine and component reliability. The following wind turbine test packages provide customers with accurate testing, in-depth analysis and expert maintenance recommendations on the condition of wind turbine lubricants and greases and the machine’s critical components.

Recommended Test Packages
Routine Wind Turbine Oil Test Package

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