Biodiesel Fuel

These tests verify that biodiesel fuels meet ASTM and OEM blending and product handling specifications.

Biodiesel Fuel Blend Stock


BBS – Specification Requirements – ASTM D6751

Acid Number ASTM D664
Ash, Sulfated Residue ASTM D874
Carbon Residue, RMS, %WT ASTM D524
Cetane Number ASTM D613
Cloud Point ASTM D2500
Copper Corrosion, Strip ASTM D130
Distillation, (Reduced Press) ASTM D1160
Flash Point (PMCC) ASTM D93
Glycerin, Free & Total ASTM D6584
Oxidation Stability (ACCEL.) ASTM D2274
Pour Point ASTM D97 / D5950
Sediment & Water (BS & W) ASTM D1796 / D2709
Sulfur Content ASTM D4294
Spectrochemical, ppm ASTM D6728
Viscosity @ 40 C ASTM D445

Minimum Sample Needed – 1 Gal.