Fuel Analysis

Fuel Analysis can directly impact a company’s bottom line – Regardless of Industry

While fuel costs and consumption are the most obvious overhead factors, aged or contaminated fuel affects the condition of your equipment and can significantly affect maintenance and repair costs. Testing fuel deliveries can reduce operational expenses and ensure satisfactory ignition and combustion, compatibility with fuel injection systems and convenient handling at all levels without degradation or contamination. Our comprehensive fuel analysis programs enable users to anticipate problems and ensure reliable equipment operations by:

  • Establishing preventive fuel handling procedures
  • Extending filter life
  • Reducing engine deposits
  • Maximizing oil drain intervals

Appropriate fuel testing and comprehensive, actionable recommendations will increase equipment reliability and longevity and boost company profitability. Bureau Veritas provides the following fuel analysis packages.


Diesel Fuel Oil Analysis

Test packages designed for diesel fuels used in a variety of industries and applications

Bureau Veritas Inc. | Fuel Analysis | Biodiesel Fuel Oils

Biodiesel Fuel Oil Analysis

Testing intended for specific use on fuels containing 20% bio-stock or higher


Turbine Fuel Oils Analysis

Testing developed to meet the needs of OEM specifications for turbine applications


Marine Residual Fuel Oils Analysis

Test packages designed for heavy fuel oils utilized in marine applications