Turbine Fuel

These tests verify that the product meets ASTM and OEM purchasing specifications. They are instrumental in identifying the root cause for fuel-related problems and deficiencies.

TFS – Gas Turbine Specification – ASTM D2880

Ash Content ASTM D482
Carbon Residue, 10% Residue ASTM D524
Density @15°C ASTM D1298
Distillation ASTM D86
Flash Point (PMCC) ASTM D93
Pour Point ASTM D97 / D5950
Sediment & Water (BS & W) ASTM D1796 / D2709
Sulfur Content ASTM D4294 / D5453
Trace Metals, ppm (V, Na, K,Ca,Pb) ASTM D7111 – Trace metals by ICP
Viscosity @ 40°C ASTM D445

Minimum Sample Needed – 16 oz.